A Cook's Tools

  • Henckel Knives
    Good knives are part of the backbone of a great cook. They will last a long time. Buy good ones.
  • Waring Blender
    I had many blenders before this one. This is the best: powerful and easy to clean.
  • Salt Keeper
    It is easier and faster to dispense salt of the correct proportions when you can pick it up with your hand or a spoon easily. Shakers are just not acceptable.
  • Cuisinart ® Ice Cream Machine
    I love to make homemade ice cream. Once you do it, you will never go back, except for maybe, Haagen Daz.
  • Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus
    This is perfect for blending small amount so things, when you dont want to get the big one out. Babe loves to make chicken salad with it.
  • Cuisinart Food Processor
    I dont know what to say. You just cant live without this. Dips? Pie Crust? Pesto? Baby food? It just doesnt stop.
  • Calphalon One Cookware
    Not teflon, but still nonstick and can go in the oven. Cook very evenly and disperse heat perfectly.
  • Le Cruset Cookware
    Have to cook something slow and for a long time? Want to brown something perfectly, deglaze the pan and then add more ingredients? Soups or curries? This is your cookware.
  • All Clad Slow Cooker
    Has a timer, looks nice, and cooks great food. The busy person must have.


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